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Shanghai Ogino Biotechnology Co., a rapidly growing focus on high-end professional aquarium equipment production and sales of aquarium equipment manufacturers in China, now our company introduced "Chihiro LED lighting system" water acrylic LED light, water LED lights stainless steel version, marine LED lights 3 versions, up to more than 20 kinds of models. Established a national cooperative relations networks in more than 30 cities and regions, products exported to Europe, Hong Kong and Macau and Southeast Asia, markets reacted well, subverting traditional aquarium industry time and time again. The pursuit of quality, attention to after-sales service is our faith. In December 2013, blockbuster introduced "Chihiro super jet filter", adopt import magnetic pumps. Models include: ES-150,ES-300ES-600ES-600EX,ES-600EX2. ES-1200,ES-1200EX,ES-1200EX2. company in Hong Kong, the European authority Aquarium technical support, currently has specialized in product design and development departments, landscape design team and its chain stores "Chihiro forest". Company targets a leading aquatic equipment manufacturer in the world, work hard!

Chihiros after-sales service
Professional services, the company has a professional team of customer service, standard operating procedures, so Chihiro's customers really appreciate the professional, sincere and thoughtful after-sales service of international standard.
Early company based on customer orders and asked to select cost-effective logistics company, and ensures their safe arrival, we will send the order to our customer at the first, and check the customers receives the goods, followed by customers, have any questions we would be the first to give you a satisfactory answer.
Later use and maintenance, according to different customer's problems, it has been confirmed, will be resolved in a timely manner.
Periodically after sales survey, our customer service staff to follow up after use and understand the customers experience, if you have any suggestions we would improve as a most valuable resource.
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